Experience Reports (Submit Here!)

Have a really good or bad experience with a legal high?  We want to hear about it!  Leave your experience reports here and we’ll post them in this section for the world to see.  For your own protection, please omit names and other identifying information.


2 Responses to Experience Reports (Submit Here!)

  1. Bush Boof says:

    BAD BAD trip with phenzapam. I took ~12 mg and wound up naked at my freinds flat not knowing how I got there. if not for him I don’t know wat would of happened. I only remember parts of the nite but he says I tried to take a hand full of my moms cholesteral pills and got mad when he tried to stop me!! I kept thinking I had demensha (sp?) and was never going back to normal. it was awful 😦

    please be careful if u decide to try this. It lasts areally long time and is not very fun. I only did it cause I thought it wld be like zanax

    • evesleavez says:

      Wow, glad you’re okay! Phenazepam is nothing to play with and has resulted in a slew of bad experiences (as well as some good ones I’m sure).

      Thanks for your report!

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