November Review: Kiwi-Flavored Whip Its

Nitrous oxide is a funny drug.  Literally.

Also known as “laughing gas”, nitrous is used in dentistry as an anesthetic and in whip cream canisters as a propellant. My first experience with n20 happened when I was 6. After having my first filling placed, I asked the dentist if I could have some gas “to take home and use as a sleep aid”. Hearty laughter ensued. My mother cringed. Ah, sweet innocence…

For my adult trials w/ nitrous, I chose Kiwi-Flavored Whip It Chargers.  After reading up on how to actually deploy one of these bad boys, I sat back and let loose with a friend who was there to make sure I didn’t hurt/slobber on myself.  I couldn’t help but wonder why a propellant should to be kiwi-flavored unless it was meant to be ingested. Hmmm…

I sat firmly on the ground to avoid falling and took my first hit. The effects were very similar to dentist nitrous but with a much faster onset. I slipped into a world of whirling shapes as my clothes were stripped off by little alien-like creatures. There was a strong pull on my physical body, not unlike being sucked down a shower drain. The visuals were dull and drab–mostly shades of gray, white and burgundy. My limbs were leaden and I felt completely at peace. Just as I started to get into it, the trip was over.

My friend’s account of the experience was hilariously different than mine. He could only see the whites of my eyes and said I was mumbling incoherently before snapping to in a “sudden clarity” moment. What felt like an eternity only lasted about 7 minutes real time.

Overall Rating: 4.3 of 5 stars

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