October Review: Robitussin Cough Gels

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to try a drug with bizarre, surreal effects for my October review.  I chose DXM.

For those who don’t know, DXM (dextromethorphan) is an ingredient in OTC cough medicines like Robitussin. In high doses, it acts as a dissociative similar to ketamine or PCP, causing ethereal feelings of separation of mind and body.  Bizarre enough?

You have to be careful when choosing a DXM source. Not any cough syrup will do, as many brands contain additional ingredients that can be fatal in high doses. I chose Robitussin Cough gels because they contain pure DXM and the price is right. Here’s how it went down:

Tuesday, October 2nd (4:00 P.M.)

*Popped 10 gel caps on a semi-full stomach. Waited 30 minutes and popped 5 more.

*First effects are felt, and they aren’t pleasant. Feels like I’m going to hurl. Room is spinning. I lay down on the couch and pray for the feeling to pass.

*After about 15 minutes, the spinning has decreased significantly so I pop the last 5 gel caps. (Go big or go home, right?)

*True effects are setting in now. Slight pressure behind the eyes along with a strange “thumping” sensation in my gut. The upper half of my body feels light, like it wants to fly away, while the lower half is weighed down by imaginary anchors that burrow through my feet and into the ground. Nausea is gone but there’s a gnawing feeling in my stomach as it breaks down the gel caps.

*Peak effects set in about 30 minutes after taking the last 5 caps. Super intense visuals similar to a video game, with objects appearing shrunken in the distance.  My cat looks microscopic on the dresser!  I feel strangely energized but my thoughts are scrambled.  Can’t tell which way is up or down and feel like gravity has said “fuck it” and gave up its pull on me. I become convinced I’m a helium balloon and laugh out loud at the thought.

*Closed-eye visuals are intense but different from psychedelic CEVs. Wings, digital static and pixelated scenery are common themes. Strangely, I feel more awake with my eyes closed than open. I’m completely lost in my inner mindscape and start to move my arms like limbs swaying in the breeze.

*My body feels drunk but my mind is in overdrive. I’ve gone from thinking in language to thinking in pictures. I imagine myself as Aladdin on the magic carpet, going higher and higher into the indigo sky.  The euphoria is overwhelming but hard to explain.

*As the effects start to wane, I attempt to put on some Flying Lotus but ended up putting the CD in upside down. D’oh! Eventually I settle for opening the window and listening to the wind whistle past the barn.   I get an eerie feeling as the shutters bang up against the window, like being in a haunted house sort of.  This causes some anxiety but nothing I can’t handle.

Overall I enjoyed my first run with DXM.  Next time I might try extracting the liquid from the gel caps to see if it decreases nausea.  I could’ve probably handled another 3-5 caps without ralphing.

Overall Rating:  4.6 of 5 stars

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2 Responses to October Review: Robitussin Cough Gels

  1. anonymous says:

    so where did u get these? i Can’t find them at any store. thanks

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