September Review: Peruvian Torch Powdered Incense

100 Grams Peruvian Torch Powdered Incense

Peruvian Torch cactus contains mescaline, the psychedelic found in peyote.  It generally contains higher amounts of mescaline than its San Pedro cousin and produces a high that’s all its own due to its unique blend of alkaloids.  The main problem with these lovely legal cacti is the preparation, which can take literally days when you count the time needed to peel, de-spine, dry and crush the gooey plant material.  It’s rare to find powdered P. Torch for this reason.

I took the stinky green powder (which reeks of cactus goo) and placed it into gel caps to avoid the disgusting taste and texture.  (It can also be mixed into Jell-O or ice cubes, but I have no problem downing multiple capsules so I chose this method).  I consumed the cactal material over the course of an hour to minimize nausea…and failed miserably.  Within 30 minutes, I was drowning in the turbulent sea of mescaline nausea that its users accept as “part of the journey, ma’an”.  Ugh.  I managed to avoid vomiting despite copious amounts of saliva production and fell headlong into that familiar feeling of trippy goodness within an hour.

If you haven’t tried mescaline, I’d describe the experience as more energetic and “sparkly” than the melting skies and breathing walls of a shroom trip.  The high is very controllable and laced with majestic closed-eye visuals that blow tryptamine CEVs out of the water.  These visuals are most intense during the first 2-3 hours and are followed by the peak—which consists of tons of energy/tactile stimulation and lasts about an hour.  The next 6-8 hours are filled with the same euphoric sensations of gradually decreasing intensity.

Since potency varies greatly from plant to plant, it can be difficult to get “the right dose” with one cactus of unknown potency.  This is another area where the powdered form outshines whole cactus, as it’s made from the inner green flesh of several cacti rather than just one.  The result is a homogenized—if not standardized—dose of somewhat-predictable potency.

Here’s more info on psychedelic cacti for those seeking it:

OVERALL RATING:  4.8 of 5 stars

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