Review: Wicked Herbal Incense

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Wicked is one of the most well-known names in the herbal incense business, but is the hype justified?  I aimed to find out for myself when I purchased a three-pack of product.  When it arrived, I was really in the mood to smoke up so I took it upstairs to sample it with my brother, J.  He’s a true connoisseur of the legal AND illegal smoking blends, so I knew I could trust his opinion.

Upon unscrewing the cap, I was hit with a wave of strawberry aroma that was pleasant, if a little too strong.  I packed a bowl to the top with the plant material and proceeded to spark it up.  The burn was pretty intense, but so was the high that followed.  Almost TOO strong for my taste.  After two hits, I had to go lie down immediately to try and get my bearings.  After 5 minutes of sheer anxiety, the high mellowed out and was pretty enjoyable.  For about 15 minutes.  Hmph.

To sum it up, Wicked Incense is 1.) Smelly, 2.) Potent and 3.) Short-lived.  When the haze lifted, I ascended back up the stairs to get my brother’s take on it.  His rating:  8 out of 10.


Quality:  9 of 10

Shipping (Packaging, Speed, etc):  9 of 10

Seller Communication:  10 of 10

Overall:  9.5 of 10


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